Letting Your Property In The UK- Responsibilities Of Landlords

Letting your property puts you under many responsibilities as a landlord. If you think just breaking into the UK property market is a piece of cake, think again. Letting your property requires a great deal of knowledge about the entire process.
Property owners should ensure that they have thoroughly researched all regulations that they are obligated to follow once they step in the property market business. In addition, maintaining and managing properties after going through the initial process of letting, is also a big responsibility that property owners often fail to fulfil. The easiest way to follow these obligations is to avail the online letting services that are much easier and economical today.

Damages and Repairs
Unarguably, it is the landlord’s responsibility to provide the tenants with all structural repairs of the property, may it be related to the exterior, sanitary installations or any other minor damages. Until the agreement takes effect, all damages and their subsequent repairs are the property owner’s duty.

Safety from all potentially dangerous areas and appliances are the landlord’s responsibility. This also includes the necessary fire safety equipments in the property. A good supply of basic requirements of heating, electricity and gas is also the job of landlords. When it comes to electricity, proper insulation of wirings is necessary. Furthermore, their location should be such that it cannot be harmful for prospective tenants.

Legal Issues
Most importantly, your advertised property will be openly available to the UK property market. It will not only be visible to prospective tenants but also various legal agencies. Therefore, it is your foremost duty, as a landlord, that your property design meets the necessary health and safety regulations. All legalities, in this regard, should be maintained and ready to be presented whenever questioned.

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